Say Hello To Subastral Studios

astral_splatters_by_rce_ordinary-d4v6guiSubastral Sounds is being re-branded Subastral Studios in anticipation of various upcoming multimedia entertainment projects. Collaboration with a friend may lead to something more concrete in the legal sense (perhaps even another re-branding) as soon as we get our rubber on the road, so to speak.

Expect to see sneak peeks of sketches, songs and scripts in the coming year! It’s gonna be a nonstop thrill ride of grueling work, occasional disenchantment and unprecedented professional satisfaction.

Let’s do it!

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TWoE Progress Update

At last, I’ve cracked 50k words on The Wolves of Eridu! Progress has been slow, often glacial, as I’m doing some serious research in order to make as many aspects of the book historically accurate as possible or appropriate. Like any project of this size, I’ve hit walls. I’ve had major strides in a single sitting, like what happened today with over 1700 new words. I’ve spent money on books and ebooks to gather all the information I could need to build a story in this world. There have been weeks at a time where I haven’t added a single character to this Word file. But I would say I’m approximately halfway done.

Part II will be the bulk of the book as it involves the military campaigns Shulgi waged against the notorious Gutians, who may not be as united a threat as they appear. Kurzu, Aldu, and Nirah have been an unbeatable team, but soon find themselves on very different paths. Qesma continues her perilous quest to free herself and her sister from slavery. Enshanesha and Ruut deal with a complicated injury. Shulgi finds his footing as king, and Siduri attempts to shape the future of Sumer with her own two hands.

Just for fun, and with no way to know it, I predict the final manuscript will have 108,224 words.

When all the writing and editing is done, this beast is gonna get published, one way or another.

Stay tuned…

picture: Uruk/Unug, artist unknown

Flash Update

I’m gonna keep writing them, but for now I’ll put them aside for later use… maybe to throw them all at you at once in a collection. Some fine day you might be wandering a book store, and in a shadowy corner you’ll spot a copy of “50 Creepy Short Stories,” or maybe “Vincent Gorham’s Spooky Shorts.”

… It’s a working title, okay?