Month: November 2009

Origin of Life Metaphor.

Picture a vast kitchen, filled with every ingredient you can imagine. Now picture if you threw these ingredients all over the room, coating every surface and mixing them all together. In some places they could conceivably come together and make the mixture for chocolate frosting. In others they could become bread or chicken noodle soup or any type of food. In the same way, all the ingredients for planets existed in the universe and came together in various areas, and on our Earth, we were lucky to have just the right ingredients come together to create life.

My NaNoWriMo Novel Synopsis.

“An aging flower child and multi-billionaire, who is a born-again and very zealous Christian, decides to invest his enormous wealth into creating a tropical paradise in a giant dome. It is meant to recreate the biblical garden of Eden, where it will be home to a select few people, who will live as Adam and Eve did: nude, free from sin and shame, and totally committed to a life of naturalism and peace. Things go well, but not for long…”

Stay tuned for the release of the book itself – when it’s done, hopefully by November 30th, I’ll put the whole thing up here, each chapter with its own page.