Month: February 2010

Origin of the Universe?

Like anyone else, I want to know how we came to exist. We’ve discovered so much about our origins, but it is clear we still know so very little. I’m enchanted and convinced by the idea of the big bang being the origin of the universe, but not entirely satisfied. Some credit a deity of cosmic power to not only the creation of the universe but to the development of life on Earth, which, to us, is still the only known life-bearing planet in the universe. Many scientists are positive that in a universe so mind-bogglingly large as to escape understanding, at least one other planet is likely to be inhabited by what we call life. So one must look beyond that question and ask the next. How did the uncountable atoms in the universe, and joules of energy between them, come to exist? Why are the laws of the universe the way they are? Suppose opposites repelled rather than attracted, or there wasn’t any bond between positive and negative charges at all. Imagine a variation in the laws of the universe had occurred during the Big Bang that allowed only for the existence of energy, or reversed entropy and made chemical reactions create more energy than it took to cause the reaction.