Month: June 2010

Talkin’ Beer Pong Blues

well, I went to a friend’s house the other night
I drank and I smoked, I was feelin’ all right
I spotted somebody with a ping pong ball
overheard ’em yell how he got ’em all
went over to see what happened
turns out, he was right

sooner or later, my turn came up
my partner said try to sink a cup
I missed that shot, and the next one too
I said I must’ve forgot to wear my lucky beer pong shoes
guess I gotta make my own luck
or make my own shoes

after a while, my luck started to change
figured out my strength and the length of the range
I got a little cocky, made a trick shot or two
I even sunk a bounce shot out of the blue
it was beginner’s luck, at least,
that’s what the other team said

there was one cup left, we were down to the wire
if I made one more I’d be on fire
I took a deep breath and I focused my aim
for the game winning shot of my very first game
took my shot, missed completely
maybe I’ll do better tomorrow


This is a song about food

come on baby, nibble on my giblets
they’re tender and juicy and sweet
come on, put your lips around my giblets
savor my delicious meaty treat

come on, honeysuckle on my mushroom
let me put your tongue to the test
come on, honeysuckle on my mushroom
let me drizzle glaze on your breast

come on, pour my gravy on your biscuits
slip my sausage in between your buns
come on, pour my gravy on your biscuits
cuz making it with you is really fun

come on baby, taste my famous hot beef
try to fit the whole thing in your mouth
come on baby, try my famous hot beef
begging me for seconds is allowed