Month: December 2010

In the event of my death…

On a whim, I thought of what I want done with my body when I die, which hopefully isn’t for another half century or more, but who’s to say? Since I’m sure wordpress will be around for that long, I’m putting it on here.
I hereby request to, upon my death, be interred in perpetuity in one of the following three ways, the first being preferred if at all possible at the time of my death, followed by the second, and then the third.
1. Put me in a tiny little rocket box and fire me off into the universe in a random direction. Maybe directed at a distant galaxy…
2. Bury me in a biodegradable shroud and plant a tree over me. Do not use any formaldehyde or non-biodegradable chemicals to preserve my body. I’m dead, I’m gonna get worse looking, just accept it. I prefer a place where the root system won’t disturb nearby graves, so something outside a designated public graveyard would be great. It probably shouldn’t be a fruit tree, since it might feel a little weird to eat fruit from it. On second thought, go ahead and make it a fruit tree. But pick something like apples at least. Or oranges, if the climate is right. Oranges are awesome.
3. If neither the rocket nor the tree burial can be worked out, cremate me and spread me over the Pacific. Anywhere is fine, since I’ll likely cover parts of the whole ocean floor at some point.

March of the Clouds.

open your eyes and wave goodbye

the clouds are marching across the sky

steady, slow, as if they know

one day they too are meant to die

aloof, aloft in wingless flight

lifeless grey and brilliant white

all are bound to feed the ground

from darkest depth to greatest height

plant your feet upon the earth

a right ascribed to you at birth

and still we wait, til far too late

to measure up that treasure’s worth

the jaws of time devour us all

you cannot run until you crawl

a cloud would tell you this as well

you cannot fly until you fall