Month: February 2012

Battles: A New Drinking Game

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting a drinking game for the new millenium: BATTLES! I conceived of this game with a little help from my friends and give it now to the internet. The rules are simple, and I think it will be a success if all the kinks are worked out. All you need is two dice and a case of beer.


  1. There are two teams with an equal number of players on each team.
  2. Each team possesses a die, and each player possesses a beer.
  3. Battles are one on one.
  4. Each player has hitpoints equal to their age. (21 years old = 21 HP)
  5. Each team chooses one roller to roll for their team each round.
  6. The higher rolling die wins, and the difference of the higher and lower dice is the amount of HP lost by the loser, as well as the amount of drinks each member of the losing team must take. (6 vs. 2 = 4 damage to loser, 4 drinks for loser’s team)
  7. When a player’s HP drops to 0, they are defeated and the dice are given to the next players in line for either team.
  8. If the damage which drops a player’s health to 0 is the same amount they had remaining (3 damage to someone with 3 HP), that person gets a “ghost roll.” The player gets to reroll against their killer, and if the ghost roll wins they gain 1 HP and take one personal drink, and are able to play one more round.
  9. The winning team is the team with the most remaining HP after every player has played one round.
  10. The game continues for a number of rounds predetermined by the players or amount of alcohol available.
  11. Rounds continue until a winner is decided, at which point the losing team must finish their drinks.
  12. Glory to the victor, humiliation to the defeated!