Month: June 2018

Time Marches On.

It’s been over a year since my last post here. Things have been crazy in my personal life, with lots of ups and downs. Right now I’m coming off a few major downs, trying to keep a few more colossal downs from happening.

I am the type where I can’t write a new sentence unless the one before it is perfect, and so my progress on The Wolves of Eridu has been slow and steady. I’m moving the story forward and have the whole thing outlined, mas o menos. The characters are enduring some difficult obstacles right now and so am I. It’s been difficult putting our ordeals into the right words.

But it’s happening.

Expect to see more from me this summer, and maybe even a completed work or two at some point.


Oh, that pic is there because it’s amazing and it can muster joy from the darkest heart.




for whom the bell tooooooooolls