Talkin’ Liar Blues

story time! one day in town
a man i’d never seen around
was at the diner down the street
with a strong cup of coffee and a window seat

i sat with him and asked his name
why he was there and who was to blame
he said he was my future self
then laughed and drank to both our health

i asked him how my life would be
he took a sip and turned to me
said “one day you will sit right here”,
he laughed again and disappeared

the next day i went there again
to see if i could meet my friend
he wasn’t there so i took his seat
looked out the window, drank some coffee


now here’s another tale for you
i was lookin’ up at skies of blue
the ground beneath me shook and broke
and mother nature started tellin’ a joke

i couldn’t say no, she’d already begun
she says “stop me if you’ve heard this one
a comet’s flying by a star,
he shouts ‘i’ve traveled very far,
i’m just passing by, i mean no harm’

well even though he said he’d leave
that comet had a trick up his sleeve
he paved the way for that race of yours
and blew away the dinosaurs”
lucky break


here’s yet another yarn i’ll spin
exploring ruins in south berlin
i came upon an altar soaked
in ancient blood, i nearly choked

the moon shone through the clouds above
and focused on a statue of
a lion’s angry head upon
a human’s body, lean and strong

the statue’s eyes began to glow
he spoke in words direct and slow
“leave this place at once” he said
i’m not ashamed to say i fled
wouldn’t you?


i have another tale to tell
it’s about an oversized seashell
i saw one evening on the shore
never seen one quite so big before

i put the shell up to my ear
and i suspected i would hear
the ocean roar, but to my surprise
it grabbed me and pulled me inside

inside the shell, i looked around
to find myself on the sandy ground
in another place, by another sea
i guess i solved that mystery

you wanna know how i got home?
well i found another shell in the tide and foam
it pulled me in, and i woke on the sand
face up beneath the stars with the shell
in my hand


the final sordid tale i’ll tell
it starts off in a place called hell
i was there on holiday
but just my luck, it snowed all day

pigs were flying, fire was cold
the red sox won the superbowl
hitler won the nobel prize
then ate a box of freedom fries

i started thinking twice, you know
about my trip way down below
when lava streams began to flood
and demons called for mortal blood

just as things were looking grim
i saw the evil prince of sin
rise from the ash, and with a yawn
he turned his central heating on
what a jerk!

The Curtain

This one I plan to have a long instrumental build in, then the verse when it’s time, then I’ll play it out. There’s not a lot of words in this one. I didn’t feel like adding anything to it would improve it. It’s a change of pace, too! Stay tuned for when I have time to do something about it.


we were young
we saw things as they were
we held our breath and wondered how
they soared above the treetops, now
we think we know
we tore the curtain down
we know what happens to our bones
they’re laughing in the catacombs below
oh, we know


Update: It has a tentative name likely to stick, The Curtain!

March of the Clouds.

open your eyes and wave goodbye

the clouds are marching across the sky

steady, slow, as if they know

one day they too are meant to die

aloof, aloft in wingless flight

lifeless grey and brilliant white

all are bound to feed the ground

from darkest depth to greatest height

plant your feet upon the earth

a right ascribed to you at birth

and still we wait, til far too late

to measure up that treasure’s worth

the jaws of time devour us all

you cannot run until you crawl

a cloud would tell you this as well

you cannot fly until you fall

What should my new song be called? Also, I have a new song.

So, I have this song I’ve been kicking around, trying to get it somewhere, and I’ve finally got it in decent shape. Problem is, I’ve never thought of a good name for this song, so… does anyone have any ideas? Let me know through my email or if you know me, just come to my house and crash a rock wrapped in your criticisms and ideas through my window. If you give me a good’n, I’ll use it! The rock, I mean.

Rainy Glen.

a waterfall of sound
crashes through my head
but still i breathe
the deepest breath i can
a symphony of voices
singing out in gentle rhymes
tells me that i won’t be back again

a door of vines
appears before my eyes
i step inside
and watch the world go by
a window of trees
is opened once again
i look through to see at last
the rainy glen

my world is changing
my cells are rearranging
my soul is yearning for the rain
the plants are growing
the river keeps flowing
my heart and mind are yearning for the rainy glen

Music Science.

This post contains some language that may confuse those unfamiliar with
music theory and/or physics, but I'll try to make it easy to follow.

The science behind music has always fascinated me. It’s very intriguing that certain frequencies, say, a middle F (349.23 Hz) and a middle A (440.00 Hz) can be played together to produce a pleasurable reaction from somewhere in the human brain. I find it amazing that certain combinations of these frequencies, with the unique timbre of various instruments all played together, can create an entity, a song, that can be memorized, or improvised with.

Some people’s brains react differently to different frequencies. Many talented musicians have an innate or well-trained understanding of these frequencies, either playing songs by ear or reading sheet music and playing the songs that way. Also, some combinations of frequencies are irritating to one brain, while pleasing to others. This accounts for differing tastes in music.

Another interesting thing is the establishment of the song itself. There are often specific formulas used, by making notes in certain orders, or even adding percussive instrumentation, that denote the “mood” of a song, or any number of other concepts. There is a formula when it comes to music like the blues and reggae, the familiarity often comforting to those who have found the frequency manipulation of these songs to be pleasurable. Other groups of musicians are intent on breaking genre, and make their appeal not to comfort but spontaneity and unpredictability.

The moral of the story is that music is amazing, a gift from the proverbial gods, and I love it. You should love it, too.