The Curtain

This one I plan to have a long instrumental build in, then the verse when it’s time, then I’ll play it out. There’s not a lot of words in this one. I didn’t feel like adding anything to it would improve it. It’s a change of pace, too! Stay tuned for when I have time to do something about it.


we were young
we saw things as they were
we held our breath and wondered how
they soared above the treetops, now
we think we know
we tore the curtain down
we know what happens to our bones
they’re laughing in the catacombs below
oh, we know


Update: It has a tentative name likely to stick, The Curtain!

In the event of my death…

On a whim, I thought of what I want done with my body when I die, which hopefully isn’t for another half century or more, but who’s to say? Since I’m sure wordpress will be around for that long, I’m putting it on here.
I hereby request to, upon my death, be interred in perpetuity in one of the following three ways, the first being preferred if at all possible at the time of my death, followed by the second, and then the third.
1. Put me in a tiny little rocket box and fire me off into the universe in a random direction. Maybe directed at a distant galaxy…
2. Bury me in a biodegradable shroud and plant a tree over me. Do not use any formaldehyde or non-biodegradable chemicals to preserve my body. I’m dead, I’m gonna get worse looking, just accept it. I prefer a place where the root system won’t disturb nearby graves, so something outside a designated public graveyard would be great. It probably shouldn’t be a fruit tree, since it might feel a little weird to eat fruit from it. On second thought, go ahead and make it a fruit tree. But pick something like apples at least. Or oranges, if the climate is right. Oranges are awesome.
3. If neither the rocket nor the tree burial can be worked out, cremate me and spread me over the Pacific. Anywhere is fine, since I’ll likely cover parts of the whole ocean floor at some point.

March of the Clouds.

open your eyes and wave goodbye

the clouds are marching across the sky

steady, slow, as if they know

one day they too are meant to die

aloof, aloft in wingless flight

lifeless grey and brilliant white

all are bound to feed the ground

from darkest depth to greatest height

plant your feet upon the earth

a right ascribed to you at birth

and still we wait, til far too late

to measure up that treasure’s worth

the jaws of time devour us all

you cannot run until you crawl

a cloud would tell you this as well

you cannot fly until you fall

Origin of Life Metaphor.

Picture a vast kitchen, filled with every ingredient you can imagine. Now picture if you threw these ingredients all over the room, coating every surface and mixing them all together. In some places they could conceivably come together and make the mixture for chocolate frosting. In others they could become bread or chicken noodle soup or any type of food. In the same way, all the ingredients for planets existed in the universe and came together in various areas, and on our Earth, we were lucky to have just the right ingredients come together to create life.

Rainy Glen.

a waterfall of sound
crashes through my head
but still i breathe
the deepest breath i can
a symphony of voices
singing out in gentle rhymes
tells me that i won’t be back again

a door of vines
appears before my eyes
i step inside
and watch the world go by
a window of trees
is opened once again
i look through to see at last
the rainy glen

my world is changing
my cells are rearranging
my soul is yearning for the rain
the plants are growing
the river keeps flowing
my heart and mind are yearning for the rainy glen

Life and Death, and All In Between.

For all the infinite potential we possess, for all the countless ways we could spend the time we have on this planet, a vast majority of us spend it preparing for the future.

We do not live in the present. Everything is just a placeholder for ‘real life’. We are always waiting for things to truly begin at some point in the future. We are always depending on the future to return to us what we have invested in it, sacrificed for – our lives and our happiness.

In school, we work for years toward the last examination of our skills, even then called a ‘test’. A test for what? When does the real thing come?

Next we go to college for even more preparation. All our time and our money is dedicating to furthering our education, but not for the benefit of the now. We do it so our futures may be brighter.

Next, finally out of school and into the workforce, our debts are already deep but our hopes are high. Our futures are bright. That’s what counts, isn’t it?

For years – many more than we endured during school – we work, and we work, and we work, and we work. We start families and help them prepare to eventually reach our level, and God willing, surpass it. We want more for our children than we had. We want them to be better prepared.

In the twilight of our lives, should we make it that far, we have reached the end of working. All the years of preparation and work have been for this. Finally we are able to take a break and reap what we have sown. And still we do not live in the present. No, instead we live in the past – the past we spent thinking about this moment, this future.

Make no mistake, we enjoyed the present and made the most of it, but always our thoughts and hopes rested with tomorrow. When tomorrow came, we dismissed it as the present and continued waiting. Continued working toward the future. Now the future we had awaited for decades has arrived.

And now, only at the end of our years do we realize that all that time spent preparing for the future – all those years spent working and waiting to get ours, all those decades spent passing time until we could finally reach our goals….

That was our life. We have lived it already. It is gone.

Did you spend your time wisely, or were you counting on tomorrow to bring you happiness? Are you still? On your deathbed, as your curtain closes and you bow off the stage, will you be satisfied with the climax of your play? Or will it all have been a buildup to a finish that never came?

I guess what I’m trying to say with all of this is, if you died tomorrow, would your last day on earth have been a waste?